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We actively invest in pre-seed and seed funding stages. Our aim is to find the critical components that will forge the early stages of building a decentralized Internet and support those projects with capital, consulting, marketing and networking.

Web3 Stack Components of Interest:

  • Layer 1
  • Layer 2
  • On-Chain Protocols
  • Off-Chain Services
  • Storage
  • Privacy
  • DeFi
  • Dapps


20+ years in blockchain, crypto, digital asset management, decentralized finance, banking, enterprise software development, online marketing and e-commerce.

Matt Hunter

Matt, Investor

Starting his career in online marketing in 1997, Matt went on to help start MySpace before his own business in ‘03. He then joined Impact Radius in ‘10, consulted at Coinbase in ‘14, and now resides in the US. He is a visionary, ahead of the curve, and has a natural ability to identify opportunities and technologies on the horizon that will have massive potential and impact in the future.

Asa Marokus

Asa, Investor

During his career in finance at the world's leading investment banking and private equity firms and as a psychiatrist, Asa has challenged conventional wisdom. His early commitment to blockchain and digital assets is based on the power of ideas, importance of personal autonomy, and the strength of community. Graduated with honors from Dartmouth College.



After our first investment in Ethereum back in 2015, we were excited to participate in other seed rounds, strategic advisory, and early stage opportunities.

Past and Current Investments: